Dodger Stadium Parking Tips

Dodger Stadium is nestled in beautiful Elysian Park, in an area known as Chavez Ravine. It’s one of the prettiest and most prestigious ballparks in America, with a grand view of Downtown Los Angeles and beyond. The Dodgers annually draw over 3 million visitors, so it’s bound to be crowded most every game night. Aside from the main lot, there are a few additional options to be aware of for Dodger Stadium parking.
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The 2014 Major League Baseball season is upon us, and there is perhaps no place with more excitement and optimism than Dodger Stadium. With all the buzz surrounding the new ownership, stadium renovations and the team’s record payroll, there should be no shortage of story lines. Parking, however, may come in limited supply.

dodgerstadium Dodger Stadium Parking Tips

Parking Tips

If you’re driving to the stadium and you want to park as close as possible, the stadium’s main lot is for you. This will run you about $10-$20 depending on how close you prefer to park. While tailgating is tolerated at many other stadiums, it is strictly prohibited here.

You can also plan your routes and reserve your parking spot beforehand by visiting the Dodgers’ transportation site.

And if you don’t mind a little uphill walking, there are plenty of places to park for free on the outskirts of the stadium. You’re best bet is on Lilac Terrace, which is a little known parking secret. You can also try the Sunset Boulevard area near Elysian Field Ave.

Shuttle Service

One of the more popular transportation options is the Dodger Stadium Express offered by Metro.  The shuttle takes riders directly from Union Station to the ballpark entrance. Best of all, it’s a FREE service if you’ve got tickets to the game..

The shuttle is great because it reduces traffic and air pollution while discouraging fans from getting behind the wheel either buzzed or drunk. Another huge plus is that it lets people explore a very lively area of downtown before and after games. Check out the live parking map above to help you find the best parking spot near Union Station.

For more information on LA Parking check out our homepage. Happy parking and go Dodgers!