UCLA Parking – A Complete Guide

UCLA is one of Los Angeles’ most prestigious schools. Young adults from all over the world want to come to here to get a top notch education while also being able to enjoy the beach and city life that UCLA’s prime location has to offer. In LA, a car is a necessity to get by which means that UCLA parking can be a nightmare. With over 40,000 students and only 10,000 student parking permits issued each year, parking spots are limited in supply on campus. Have no fear, ParkMe is here! Check out these UCLA parking tips to get you out of your car and into the best parking spot as soon as possible.

You can even reserve a UCLA parking spot before you arrive by clicking here: pKiZHo08qQFqxcLxhSkEw1etLkt2eiDDf7ia1BZvU8o UCLA Parking   A Complete Guide

This map shows where to park at UCLA. The blue pins show open parking lots. Click on the bubbles to see parking rates, hours of operation, location, and payment options. Click the “Compare Rates” button in the top right corner to find the cheapest lots near you. Just select the time and length of your stay and we’ll calculate the best rates for you!

UCLA Student Parking:
Are you a new or current UCLA student who wants to have a car on campus to cruise to the beach when class is over? Good luck finding a parking spot without a permit! UCLA students are encouraged to purchase a student parking permit if they are going to have a car on campus or commute to school.

 UCLA Parking   A Complete Guide

Student Parking Permit Lot- Courtesy of ucla.edu

There are 4 types of student parking permits which all cost between $800-$1000 per year:

Student DS Blue PermitThis permit is for disabled students without DMV placards. Students with disabilities can park in many different areas during all hours with this permit. Click here for more info.

Student Orange and Student Orange Carpool -If you live in the dorms, or are a commuter student then the student orange permit is for you. This permit lets students park during the daytime in designated parking areas. It also gives you some other parking privileges for evenings, weekends and holidays. This permit costs $213 per quarter.

Weyburn Terrace Student Parking – This student parking is for Weyburn Terrace housed students only and allows daytime parking in Weyburn Terrace. It also gives you some additional parking privileges that apply after 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and all day on weekends and holidays.

Student Night PermitThe Student Night Permit is for students who need to park after 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and all day on weekends and holidays. $123/Quarter

Residence Hall Student (yellow) PermitThis permit will let students who live on campus. It costs $267 per quarter.

*For a full list of parking permits and rates click here

Private Monthly Parking Near Campus:
Students can also get a monthly parking permit at many different private parking lots in the area but these are more expensive and located farther away from campus. Use our parking map locate at the top of this post to scout out some locations and call to get prices.

UCLA Visitor Parking:

UCLA has 8 parking garages/lots on campus that visitors can park at. These lots have paystations that you can pay at. Remember to take note of your parking space number because you will have to use it to pay for your spot. Rates and hours vary at all of these parking facilities but our best picks are:

The Best Daytime Parking Lot: Lot 4 (Westwood Plaza & Charles E Young Dr. N) Lot Id=81589


L79546 UCLA Parking   A Complete Guide
UCLA Parking Lot 4 is a great place to park- Courtesy of ucla.edu

Located next to the UCLA Counseling Center on the north side of campus, this lot charges a daily rate of $11. This parking lot closes at 5pm Monday thru Thursday so make sure you find a different parking place at night.

The Best Nighttime Parking Lot: Lot 2
(445 Charles E Young Dr. S)
Located on the east side of campus this lot is open 24 hours a day and charges $3 for 1 hour and $11 for a day.


Street Parking:

Finding a street parking spot at UCLA is not for the faint of heart. Dedicated drivers will circle the block endlessly searching for the lone open parking spot. We don’t recommend wasting your time searching for a street spot but if you must, these are our recommendations:

Paid Street Parking (Meters): Surrounding the campus on Le Conte Ave there is metered parking. It’s $1 per hour with a 2 hour maximum. If you don’t mind walking, you can usually find a metered parking spot on Le Conte Ave. between Hilgard & Gayley Ave.

Free Street Parking: There are plenty of streets where you can park for free but you have to remember to move your car for street cleaning.

020113   CTY parking copy UCLA Parking   A Complete Guide

Street Parking In UCLA- Courtesy of smdp.com

Veteran Street- The part of Veteran between Levering Ave. & Kinross Ave facing the Memorial Park has free parking but there is street cleaning there on Friday from 8am-11am. The other side of the street has free parking but street cleaning on Thursdays from 8am-11am.

Gayley Ave.- The west side of the Gayley Ave. between Le Conte & Strathmore Dr. the dorms has free parking, but street cleaning is on Fridays from 8am-11am. The other side of the street has free parking too but there is street cleaning on Thursdays from 8am-11am


Good luck out there!


*Please share your personal parking tips in the comments section below. 



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