Parking Tips Tuesday: Get $5 for Every Parking Tip

Ladies and Gentlemen, come one come all:

Every Tuesday ParkMe will start a twitter conversation using the hashtag #ParkingTipsTuesday asking users for their best parking tips in their respective cities. For every good tip, we will pay out $5 via paypal. When submitting a tip use the hashtag #ParkingTipsTuesday and send to @theparkmeapp to get credit. Be sure to send us your paypal email address @ our twitter handle @theparkmeapp or DM us to get paid!

Parking Tips can include anything from “Parking attendants ticket very quickly on saturdays” to “the best area to park in my neighborhood is on xyz street” and everything in between. Extra bonus points to anyone that references our parking map @

So every Tuesday, look out for #ParkingTipsTuesday on twitter. Every week we will post a roundup of the parking tips and give credit where credit is due. We will give out $5/tip until there have been 100 tips posted!

Lets put our heads together and #BeatTheMeter. Tips will be posted below.


p.s. ParkMe staff will determine if the tip is worthwhile.


1. @samegfriedman: you can park in white zones after 6pm in most cities.

2. @samegfriedman #ParkingTipsTuesday the best place to park in downtown Santa Monica is here . Least full and busy.