PIM and USA Today

This week, Parking In Motion received one of its most important and momentous acknowledgements to date, a cozy spot on the front page of the business section of America’s most widely read newspaper USA Today. Team PIM is graciously humbled to be mentioned in this renowned publication, and it just excites us thinking of all the travelers and business people around the globe who learned about the company as well as the free PIM App.

The article, titled “Don’t want to stand in line? There’s an app for that,” highlighted some¬†groundbreaking new forms of technology that are helping improve and simplify our lives on a daily basis. In the article, it mentions an app that lets you make an appointment for a haircut, one that allows you to reserve a trainer and sign up for various classes at your local gym, and even an app that can set a golf tee time months in advance. They’re all designed to help users save time and money, which is exactly what PIM’s free app does with parking. We help drivers find, reserve, and pay for parking as well as alerting them of “real-time” on-street parking conditions.

Many thanks to the folks at USA Today for recognizing our product and our overall desire to equip drivers with the most resourceful parking and navigation app on the market.¬†photo1 e1307057414580 224x300 PIM and USA TodayThis is truly an exciting step in our development, particularly after the success of last week’s IPI conference and expo. We look forward to rolling out additional PIM App updates, improvements, and more cities with “real-time” parking in the coming months.

“More People Use Apps to Make Appointments” -USA Today